Horse Birthday Cakes Girls

Horse Birthday Cakes Girls 214x300 Horse Birthday Cakes Girls

Horse Birthday Cakes Girls

Sweet Horse Birthday Cake Design 300x225 Horse Birthday Cakes Girls

Sweet Horse Birthday Cake Design

Ideas for Kids Horse Birthday Cake 225x300 Horse Birthday Cakes Girls

Ideas for Kids Horse Birthday Cake

Fun Birthday Horse Cake 199x300 Horse Birthday Cakes Girls

Fun Birthday Horse Cake

Horse Shoe Birthday Cakes Horse Birthday Cakes Girls

Horse Shoe Birthday Cakes

If you have a child who loves horses you are not alone. That is excellent to know when it comes to planning a party with a horse theme as they are very popular with both girls and boys. There are so many decorations, party games, and cake decorations out there that incorporate a them into the theme. If you are ready to jump in the saddle and start planning a party read on. You’ll find out what you need to know to get a yippee from your party-goers.


You will have a wide variety of horse decorations to choose from for your party. There are horse cut-outs to place on walls, stand ups to put on tables as centerpieces, and Mylar balloons. The horse themed plates, napkins, and cups available are extensive but not expensive! You can get them in colors for girls, boys, or neutral. There are disposable table clothes. You can make every part of your party reflect the horse theme that is desired. When it comes to the first party impression you give people, the invitation, you will find a huge variety of unique, whimsical horse invitations. It is great to send the invitation out with the theme because the party goers get into the spirit of the party before they even arrive.

Party games

There are some great party games that you plan that involve horses. One of the old classics with a new twist is pin the tail on the pony. There are some great pony shaped pinata’s that you can find. Any small party favor or candy can fit into those. You could fill it with tiny plastic horses. They will be fun to play with for the children too. If you have a stand up toy horse you could get a lasso and have a game involving trying to lasso the horse. Another fun thing to do is fill a bucket up with ponies and have the kids guess how many are in there. Whoever is the closest will win the bucket.

Decorations and cakes

There are some great horse related decorations that you can purchase for the birthday cake. Some of the best are:

* A motion activated horse head (it whinnies when you pass by)

* Fencing and ponies to make the cake look like a pasture

* Candy horses

* Horse stables with horses and supplies

* Horse shaped cake molds

* Candles with horses built into them

When you open up your mind and really incorporate a horse theme into a party you will find some of the best, most creative horse related items to use. The ideas never dry up. Horsing around has never been so fun. Make sure you check back with me to stay up to date on all the choices available for your horse themed party.

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