Christening Cake Ideas

May 12, 2012 - Christening Cakes
Christening Cake Ideas

Christening Cake Boys

That’s it, the godparents are chosen and the decision becomes final baptism. If you already have a date for the ceremony, it may be wise to move quickly to the rectory or the home church of your parish. Indeed, the time for a baptism is usually quite short (as it is of course possible to baptize a new-born), but in this busy period of spring and early summer, it is better not too delay. As there are few weekends before the summer, it is not uncommon to see schedules saturated, especially in large cities. Also know that most parishes include little more than three or four children per ceremony.


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Once “registered”, a period of preparation and thought you expected. Religiously, choosing to baptize her child is a major act. In general, you are invited to two or three meetings, often in the presence of other couples could be baptized their children at the same time as yours. These meetings are friendly and are in good spirits. If they can exchange ideas on faith, or other topics besides, it also facilitates the meetings. Who knows? Your children may go to school together.

Traditional christening cakes are still very much in fashion-however for those who want to stray from classic looks and flavours, contemporary christening cake designs are on offer. Contemporary trends don’t rule out tradition, but broaden the range of possibilities for decorating a christening cake. Colours, flavours, decorations, toppers, shapes, and display options are becoming more adventurous and light-hearted.


Christening Cake

Beyond Fruit Cake

Fruit cake was once the standard cake for weddings and christenings, a tradition still loved by many. Now some families are choosing other types of cake, such as chocolate, sponge, or even carrot cake. The emphasis is not so much on the type of cake, but more on the quality and total effect.

Colour Trends

Trends are moving beyond white, baby blue, and pink as core colours. White is still popular as the main colour, but other accents are being chosen such as mauve for girls christening cakes and brilliant turquoise for boys christening cakes.

A white base is by no means obligatory-many variations are emerging, such as a totally pink creation or a blue round on a white square. Accents can venture beyond a single colour to a rainbow of pastels or brilliant colours. Some cakes are sculpted or themed and use whatever colours best fit the chosen theme.

Christening Cakes

Create a Tower or Keep it Simple

A christening is an opportunity to have several stacked cakes with a special decoration on top. Cakes can be lined up perfectly with a large one to start, a smaller one next, and an even smaller one on top. For a more playful look, abandon symmetry and alignment. Shapes can be mixed and matched-for example a round can go with a hexagon or a square.

Christening Cake Girl

For a small gathering or a different look, serving one or more individual cakes is completely acceptable. Size or height alone does not mark the importance of the occasion. Rather, all the details put together create the right mood and look for a celebration.

The Cupcake Explosion

Christening Cake Girls

Cupcakes are still popular as an alternative to one or more large cakes. They are easy to transport, display, and serve. Beautiful, with piped icings, poured or rolled fondant icings, these desserts can be different, yet conform to a common style or theme. Flavourings can vary as well, increasing chances of pleasing almost everyone. For display, place on tiered cake plates or purchase a stand specifically designed for small desserts.

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