The Best Birthday Cake

June 12, 2012 - Best Birthday Cake
The Best Birthday Cake

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The best birthday cake is one that was given out of love and in a very creative manner. There are probably millions of pictures of birthday cakes out there so the choices are endless. But sometimes, the gesture overturns the greatest of birthday cakes.

A cupcake

This is not really an original idea but it never fails to make an impression especially between lovers. Meet the birthday, have dinner on the eve of the big day. Then come midnight, take out that delicious cupcake out of your bag with a single candle to celebrate the birthday of a loved one. It is best given in an intimate setting like a late dinner cum picnic under the stars.

Best Birthday Cupcakes

Many-tiered cake

If celebrating a big party, a multiple-tiered cake can feed all guests. Make sure that you order the flavor that the birthday celebrator loves. Do not order the birthday cake that you want. Make the decorations of the cake appropriate to the birthday celebration. If there is no theme to the party, just make sure that the cake is appropriately colored and made for the person celebrating the big day.

Birthday Cakes

Fruit Birthday Cake

Single-layered cake

For a birthday celebration that is intimately celebrated among family members, a single layer of cake will do the trick. As with the multiple-tiered cake, keep the flavor consistent with the celebrant’s taste. If confused between getting the number candle and single candles that would depend on the age of the birthday celebrator, get the latter. It is so much fun to see the birthday boy or girl having a hard time blowing all the candles in the cake.

Best Birthday Cake

Another trend is making waves and that is the hundreds of cupcake placed on layers to look like a multiple-tiered cake. The great thing about this is that there is no need to slice the cake. However, the best birthday cake is not about what it looks like but it is the thought behind the giving of the cake.


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