A Tennis Birthday Cake

January 3, 2013 - Tennis Birthday Cakes
A Tennis Birthday Cake

Celebrations always come along with cakes. It may come in different sizes, shapes, figures, color and types but parties are never without it. I’m sure you have your personal favorites.

Times have changes traditional designs of cakes are already superseded by the new and interesting ones. Circular and rectangular shapes are now replaced by heart shaped and even other structures such as castles, gardens and houses depending on the celebrant and the event.

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Have you heard about tennis birthday cakes? For sports enthusiast this will tickle their interest. It’s always fun to experiment. Year after year you can customize and personalize not only your birthday token but also your cake. Any design is possible. You may even create one. But among the top grossers is the tennis birthday cake. It is unique, fun and interesting.

Tennis Ball Birthday Cake

Design your tennis cake further. You can add your photo on the cake. You may adorn it with chocolates on the side. Make it even cooler by surrounding it with icing. It’s even more delicious if it is a fondant tennis birthday cake.

If you are an avid tennis player or if you simply love tennis as a sport then this cake is the best for you. You can be sure that you will enjoy the cake and your guest will appreciate it as well. Not many celebrants experiment on cake designs thinking that it is enough to have one. But what adds up to the atmosphere of fun is a peculiar cake.

Tennis Ball Cake

You may also create small cupcakes on the side of your cake with a racket design on top. You can decorate this beside your cake. You can use this as your token too. Your cake need not be expensive as long as it suits your taste and it is what you truly want then that’s fine. Tennis birthday cake – there’s always one for you.

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