Easter Birthday Cake

March 11, 2013 - Easter Birthday Cakes
Easter Birthday Cake

Birthdays are the best times of a child’s life. A day when your little kid is the center of attention of the whole party. But what makes the birthday party worth it, is the birthday cake. The happiness and celebration see no bound on a birthday party and when the party is around Easter, you better expect a frolicsome crowd.

Easter birthday cake will be a great idea for the party. Decorate the cake with a colorful fondant and even place a few egg shaped cake pieces on top of the cake. Make sure that your cake emits radiance and joy. Don’t let it be the simple old boring cake that you used to bake when you had to snack on something in the evening.

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The birthday cake should be something special. You can embellish it with trees and flowers and everything that the birthday girl/boy likes. You can opt for a small hill decorated with small colorful flowers or even make a cake shaped like one huge egg. Easter eggs are very popular and kids love them. Why don’t you make an Easter birthday cake basket? It will not only look unique, but will make the child jump with joy.

You can even opt for a usual round or square cake and top it up with ginger bread, brownies and a few small balls made of icing sugar. Support the cake with some blocks of rice crispy dipped in chocolate and you have one birthday cake that takes the whole party by storm.

Easter Birthday Cake

Some creative ideas work really well if you are not one of the ‘baking mom’ club and do not know much about sculpting a cake. Make round or square cakes like you always do. Simultaneously, bake a few cupcakes in different flavors. If you do not have the time to make different flavors, just get some fondant and roll it out in different colors. Wrap the cupcakes in the fondant and place them around the first cake. Make sure you put some icing over the cake and decorate it with some strawberry jam, jelly and maybe a few cherries.

Easter Cake

Making a birthday cake can be a big challenge. You may suddenly run out of ideas or may not find the fancy recipe of the cookbook working for you. In this cake, add just a hint of creativity and imagination and you will enter the party with a wow cake.

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