Toy Story Birthday Cake

May 29, 2013 - ToyStory Birthday Cakes
Toy Story Birthday Cake

Children love Toy Story and they love their birthday cake. Would you like to make your child’s favorite animated characters come to life in their very own Toy Story birthday cake? It would be fun to make. Read on for a few ideas.

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A Toy Story birthday cake would certainly contain Buzz Lightyear and Woody the cowboy. You can combine this astronaut-cowboy friendship to create a farm decorated with beautiful stars. Start with a multi layer cake. Two should be smaller round cakes and one bigger rectangular cake, maybe 9 inches. Work in association with your creativity. Place the rectangular cake over the first round cake and the second round cake over them both. This will give definition to your cake. Finally you can cover it in a fondant and start painting. You can also use some butter cream icing in different colors to give it a 3D effect. Add a Buzz and Woody figure to finish your Toy Story birthday cake.

Toy Story Cake

You can also go for a 2 tier cake. The first tier would be the base of Woody’s farm. Put some cow faces made from fondant over here and make it look like the Wild West. Then add some chocolate stars, a few planets and a figure of Buzz and Woody sitting at the fence of the farm. This would take a lot of preparation and you would have to spend a complete day in making these figures and details. However, the results will be great.

You can also decorate a plain cake with the help of rice krispies. Simply mould them in the shape of a spaceship and top with some icing. Then you can put them around the cake that has the face of Woody or Buzz painted on top. Your cake would look simple yet fabulous and children would love it.

Toy Story Birthday Cake

The birthday cake must have some element of fun. You can also have Toy Story beverage cups to complete the theme of your party. If you want, you can carve the face of the eye monster on the cake and cover with some green fondant and icing. Moreover, you can make Woody ride a horse and Buzz rise to the stars. Make a replica of their room; add a bed with a bed sheet covered in stars. This cake should be 2 tiered with the figures of Buzz and Woody sitting next to the bed.

Choose a variety of flavors and colors for the Toy Story birthday cake and make it look awesome.

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