2011 40th Birthday Cakes

January 29, 2011 - 40th Birthday Cakes
2011 40th Birthday Cakes


First, consider the elderly standby. A simple cake should work for this one, but have the number 40 written as big as feasible. Then, surround the edges of the cake with 40 candles. Don’t forget to light them. & don’t forget to have a fire extinguisher standing by. A 40th birthday is a lovely time to celebrate! If you’re going to be throwing a party for somebody who is reaching that milestone, here are some 40th birthday cake ideas for fabulous cake possibilities.

Second, why not try a photograph reproduction cake? These are becoming increasingly popular & they can beĀ  beautifully done. You’ll need a favourite photograph of the birthday gal or man. possibly one with the partner, or even with the children. phone around to local bakeries to find one that has the capability of turning the photograph in to a cake topper. They’ll make an actual edible photograph to put on top of the cake. Most cakes I’ve seen like this are real conversation pieces. Everyone loves them. & then you get to eat it, & it’s always fun to see who gets to eat Uncle Larry’s head.

Check out the gallery below to get more ideas: