Unique Children Birthday Cakes

October 26, 2011 - Children's Birthday Cakes Today
Unique Children Birthday Cakes

Unique Children Birthday Cakes

Unique Children Birthday Cakes

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas

Unique Birthday Cake Ideas

Pictures of Unique Kids Birthday Cakes

Pictures of Unique Kids Birthday Cakes

Creative Birthday Cakes for Kids

Creative Birthday Cakes for Kids

Unique birthday cake designs

Unique birthday cake designs

Fun and Unique Birthday Cake Design Ideas

Fun and Unique Birthday Cake Design Ideas

Birthday cakes are fun.

And wow is the most important ingredient. Here’s why.

When you’re at a birthday party, everyone looks forward to the cake for two reasons.

Cakes are fun to look at.

Cakes taste yummy.

Most folks buy a cake, have something really boring like “Happy Birthday (insert child’s name)” written smack dab in the middle of the frosting, add candles, light and serve. Yawn.

But if you want to wow your birthday child and their guests, you can easily put together a fun birthday cake that’s unique, special and very creative. Sounds interesting already.

Do you like baking your own cakes?

If so, the only limit is your imagination and not being afraid to try something new.

Does your child like Barbie, space ships, being a princess, trains, cars, castles, Star Wars or Elmo (who doesn’t)?

Well guess what? You can find cake recipes and directions for putting together all of these and many more fun cakes by following the link below this article.

More fun kid birthday cakes

Pizza cake
Blue Jeans birthday cake
Bowling cake
Fish bowl cake
Camping birthday cake
Snake cake (Sssssss)
Babies booties cake
Pail of sand cake
Lady bug birthday cake

No time to bake? No problem.

If you’re like a lot of folks these days you just don’t have the time to bake a cake from scratch.

Well we have good news for you!

Just pick up a cake at your favorite bakery, add some creative decorations and easily transform that boring cake into a unique and fun work of art that your birthday child will love. Wow!

Edible cake art

Bright, colorful and very easy to use, you can find edible cake art for almost any birthday theme. And did I mention that you can eat these works of art?

Edible cake toppers

Turn your kid birthday cakes into 3D masterpieces with edible shapes made from sugar.

Non-edible cake toppers

Wonderful decorations from princess tiaras to an actual working mini-railroad. And non-edible cake toppers can also be used as party favors after your cake is long gone.

Cake pic and rings

Give you more non-edible cake toppers that will make your fun kid birthday cakes spring to life.

So now you’re going to be putting together your fun kid birthday cakes using lots of Wow!

Not so fast

Before you bring out your child’s special cake, make sure someone is taking pictures or shooting video because you’ll want to remember this moment for years to come.

Can you think of anything (besides birthday gifts) that’s better than birthday cake?

Yes, fun kid birthday cakes with lots of Wow!

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