Novelty Birthday Cakes for Party Haven

May 11, 2012 - Novelty Birthday Cakes
Novelty Birthday Cakes for Party Haven

Novelty Birthday Cakes

The first time you saw novelty birthday cakes, you have this candid reaction that kind of cake would be the best choice for your friend’s birthday to make the surprise a very surprising one. Creating great novelty cakes can actually tie the whole party theme as one and is exactly the icing on the cake, thus take some time to brainstorm ideas. The secret is to allow the creative juices flow and not be humiliated with something that you think might be too difficult about themes. This is the simplest, but still very effective way to create a novelty birthday cake.

Cake Decoration

Novelty Birthday Cakes Ideas


Novelty Birthday Cakes Themes

The first thing to carry out is to consider the birthday boy or girl. Carefully consider the person you are making the cake for and list down the entire stuffs they are interested in such as hobbies, crafts, sports, animals, flowers, fashion, and the like. Also, talk to your friend and establish if they’re having a party and what the theme would be. Through this, the deciding on cake theme will be very easy.

Novelty Birthday Cakes 2

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Here are some ideas to get you started with novelty birthday cakes:

•Women- Handbags, jewelry, food, fashion, music, shoes and sandals.

•Men- cars, bikes, sports (golf, basketball, football), food and music.

•Girls- big cupcake, princess, Barbie, fairies, butterflies, flowers, handbags and jewelry box.

Boys- sports, dinosaurs, anime, computer games, heroes, rockets, train, trucks, cars and pirates.

•Unisex- animals of any kind such as frogs, snakes, tigers lions, monkeys, fishes, horses, birthday numbers, music, jungle, safari and licensed characters like Scooby Doo, Tweety Bird, Marvel Heroes, Looney Tunes, etc.


Novelty Birthday Cakes Theme

The abovementioned lists are just some of the endless themes you can think of when it comes to novelty birthday cakes. No matter what theme you choose to use, it can be the beginning for the theme of the party or vice versa. You must suit the cake to the party’s theme that has been selected already. Novelty birthday cakes are extraordinary cakes for an extraordinary experience of any party to celebrate.


Novelty Birthday Cake

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