A Delightful Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

October 21, 2012 - Mickey Mouse Birthday Cakes
A Delightful Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

When we young we always loved Mickey Mouse. We enjoy those big ears, plus size shoes and the adorable nose. We are delighted that finally a house nuisance suddenly became a household favorite. But what amazed us the most is knowing that Mickey finally found his heart’s missing puzzle in Minnie Mouse. From clothes, tumblers, notebooks, paper, pen, pencil case and almost anywhere you find their faces. Say hello to Minnie Mouse Cakes.

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If you are planning on a birthday celebration for your first born baby girl what could be more exciting than a Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake. It can come in pink, purple and red to match the birthday motif. As you know, Minnie is not only for babies. She is also well loved by young adults who grew up knowing her. Who are fascinated by her look and her Walt Disney flicks. We just love Minnie Mouse. She’s every girl’s best friend.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Whether you are young or young at heart you can certainly enjoy a birthday cake with Minnie Mouse’s image or photo. Your cakes can come in different sizes and shapes. You can create a small cake or bigger cakes. You can match your event’s color motif along with it. You can go from red, pink and purple colors.

If you have cake designers or party coordinators you may ask for their help in choosing a perfect birthday cake. I know you want a birthday cake that will give you that childish glee. A Minnie mouse cake can give you exactly that.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

This could be a new feature in your party. Stop the monotony of boring and lifeless cakes. Time to turn away from the usual cakes. Spice up your celebration. Give it a youthful touch. Enjoy your celebration with the most creative cakes that comes in Minnie Mouse designs.

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