DINO in Cake?

February 20, 2013 - Dinosaur Birthday Cakes
DINO in Cake?

It’s your kid’s birthday and you want him/her to simply enjoy. Now, what should be the best thing that should go with your kid’s perfect birthday celebration? Your kid’s happiness is supreme for you, so you would want to make his/her birthday very memorable, isn’t it? Hmmm…is it the gifts or clothes? No. Then it’s the chocolates…hmm closer but not what you want. Is it the toys? NO. It’s the BIRTHDAY CAKE!

Amazing Dino Cake

So what can be the most wonderful birthday cake for your kid? There are the usual plain ones and others with decorations but how about something really out of the world? Guess… Yeah you can even go guessing to the period before the early man. Welcome to a treat from the Jurassic period. It is a DINOSAUR or DINO BIRTHDAY CAKE.

A Dino cake doesn’t mean it has to be very big in size like a dinosaur. It means a cake designed in the form or shape of a dino. Just imagine! What all you can use to create a perfect dino cake? For starting, just think about the different dinosaurs that you have seen. All of you have seen the film ‘The Jurassic Park’ and so all of you know them. There is the T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus etc. If your kid really loves dinos, then this can be the best cake you can make for his/her birthday and it’s a great surprise for the kid too.

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Let the dino be surrounded by bushes and make him appear adorable even with those big claws and teeth. Maybe you can choose a few pastel shades for the dino. Color his body in purple, blue, red or green. Make him appear an object of amiable imagination. Give him claws with nail paint on or dress him up in a stylish bow.

Dino Birthday Cake

A dinosaur birthday cake does not need to be very huge as well. Why don’t you sculpt a square cake in the shape of a dinosaur? However, this would require some time and some sculpting mastery on your part. To keep it very simple in case you don’t have time, the yummy chocolaty birthday cake can even depict dinosaur eggs. Yes, why not be a little creative? Crack the egg in the center and place a small dinosaur model inside it.

Let your imagination go wild and become Steven Spielberg for your child’s dino cake!

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